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About Us

Meet Zohaib Azam, or as friends call him, “Zobi.” He’s the heart behind Tire Depot. Zobi has spent over 10 years working with cars, and he loves it. In 2017, he finished his studies to be an automotive technician at Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX.

On March 3, 2018, Zobi opened Tire Depot in Joshua, TX. He loves cars so much that owning his shop lets him make cars look cool in his own way.

When he’s not working, Zobi enjoys spending time with his family and cooking up a barbecue on the weekend.

Tire Depot is Zobi’s dream come true. It’s a place where cars get the care they need, and every job is a chance to do something great.

Ready to see new heights? We can help you achieve a new touch to your project.

We Cooperate with Big Auto Brands

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